I’ve always been passionate about writing, but too scared to put my writing out there. On a whim, I decided to submit a piece I wrote and it actually got published! Hearing how my piece touched others, motivated me to push through that fear and launch this blog, something I have wanted to do for years. Click here to read the piece that started it all!

As an avid reader and hardcore memoir fan, I’ve been able to connect to people and their stories in significant ways. And since I’m a therapist, which basically means I’m a collector of stories, it is my hope that through my writing, my stories, experiences, and insights, will reach others. You might laugh, you might cry (both are totally acceptable), and hopefully, you’ll find some meaning in my posts.

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I’ll be posting every Tuesday, but in case you get sick of hearing from just me, I’ll be including posts from featured guests. I’ll be featuring fellow clinicians and other experts, to bring you informative, honest, relevant, and relatable content.

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